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Xdebug adds invaluable information to output but, once in awhile, it can be hard to read what you're working on. This extension allows you to toggle the visibility of those messages.

If the bug icon is orange then error messages are displayed. A blue bug means they are hidden.

Currently available for Chrome ( v2.0 ) and Firefox ( v1.2 )

Compatible with Xdebug v2.1 and newer.


These messages can be an extremely valuable asset when you're working on a PHP program. However, when you're working on other parts ( e.g., visual elements, user experience ) those messages can break your alignments and make it difficult to imagine the page's appearance without the output.

There are loads of solutions such as using vhosts or cookies but none provide the control they way that I thought seemed natural: to be able to alternate between having the messages and seeing the page as it should appear to the end user.

This is designed to fill that need.


Version 2.0 for Chrome is available here and in the Chrome Web Store. It allows fine-resolution adjusting of the sub-components of Xdebug's output ( i.e., stack traces, superglobal and variable dumps ).

Version 2.0 for Firefox will soon be underway.

Additional information

Xdebug makes available a tremendous amount of information but the default configuration is mild, so it doesn't flood you with it. The purpose of this extension is to allow you to have it provide so much information as you want, but still be able to see the rest of what is happening. A sample of configurations you can add to your .ini, to get maximal information from Xdebug is available here.


A demonstration of this extension's functionality is available here. In brief, use the menu on the right to toggle Xdebug's output, or the constituents thereof. If Xdebug's output is hidden then you will not see the variables, superglobals and stack traces. Those are only visible when Xdebug's output is visible.